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We welcome all learners regardless of nationality, race or religion.

In line with our mission and ethics standards, we will endeavour to accept any boy or girl who shows the potential and work ethic to succeed at the school.

Application Procedure

Learners wishing to enter Grade 8 to Grade 11 at Mathesis College would need to complete an application form as well as provide all supporting documents.

Consideration will be based on the learner’s Interview, latest report and any other supporting documents that are supplied by the parents or previous school.

Please note the non-refundable application fee of R230.00

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Efficient Education System

Student-Centered Support

Application form

Click on the file name or PDF icon to download the Mathesis College application form. Please print it out, make sure you fill out all the required fields and send it back to
Please include copies of the following documents with the application form:

1.) Learners Birth Certificate or ID
2.) Learners most recent report
3.) Both Parents/Guardians ID
4.) Hard copies of the application form are available from Mathesis College Reception.

For more information please contact us:
Administration Office:
Tel: 011 680 6096

Click on the link below to download the Mathesis College application form:

Fees Schedule

Fees Description Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11
Enrolment Fee Once off fee upon joining the School R2 400.00 R2 400.00 R2 400.00 R2 400.00
School Fees School fees for Mathesis College – School fees are paid at the end of each month (payable over 11 months) R32 450.00

R2 950.00 per month
R32 450.00

R2 950.00 per month
R 33 550.00

R3 150.00 per month
R 33 550.00

R3 150.00 per month
Text book Fee The text book fee is an upfront fee paid prior to the start of the academic year. This fee includes all text books, work books as well as files needed for the year R1 600.00 R1 600.00 R1 700.00 R1 700.00
IMPAQ-Curriculum Provider Fees Mathesis College uses IMPAQ as our curriculum provider. IMPAQ’s fees include SACAI registration. Please note that IMPAQ’s Fees are separate from the school fees and is paid directly to IMPAQ. IMPAQ also requires a minimum deposit of 25% upfront, thereafter the remaining fees are paid monthly(payable over 10 months) R 5 560.00 R 5 560.00 R10 560.00 R10 560.00
Total Per Annum R39 610.00 R39 610.00 R45 810.00 R45 810.00
Payment Options: Fees are payable by:
• Cash